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Mama Sounvier Crewneck

Mama Sounvier Crewneck

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1. Indicate the brand of Crewneck that you would like to be used for the onesie.
2. Provide your preferred color for the Crewneck and a second color as a backup option, in case it's unavailable.
3. Specify the size of the crewneck required.
4. Let us know your preferred thread color for the lettering on the onesie. If you are unsure, we can select the thread to match the onesie for you.
5. Lastly, provide the child's name that you would like to be added to the wrist part of the onesie.

Following these guidelines will guarantee that your order is processed efficiently and accurately, resulting in a high-quality personalized onesie for your little one.


Please review the following details before placing your order:

We guarantee that we will embroider your name(s) on the wrist of the sweatshirt in bold uppercase font only. Please note that we can only use letters and no symbols. If you need multiple names, please separate them with a line.

You can choose a crewneck based on the brand's price change. Most of them have a relaxed fit and are true to size. If you want more heavy crewnecks, we suggest ordering a size up from your usual size for Comfort Colors if you prefer an oversized fit.

If you are local, you can deliver the onesie to us or bring it to the shop. Onceyou place order, we will contact you to arrange how to get the onesie. After receiving your onesie, we will create and ship your custom-embroidered sweatshirt within 14 business days. Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges, but if there is a defect in your item, please contact us immediately so we can assist you.

When submitting your order and payment, you agree to the terms listed in the item description.

We do not accept modifications to the product at this time. The name(s) embroidered will be in bold uppercase font only and can only use letters, no symbols. If you need multiple names, please separate them with a line.

Please allow up to 14 business days for your custom-embroidered sweatshirt to be shipped after we receive your onesie. 

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